Our Philosophy

Do good work. It sounds simple, yet this mission is often lost among the myriad of forces pushing and pulling creative shops to work faster, cheaper, better- all the while serving the client's best interest. Our team wakes up every morning and lives with our work. Producing great creative is what keeps us coming back for more.

We tap our expertise in many creative disciplines to energize our creative projects, and end with distinctive and effective solutions. Naming and logo design, corporate visual systems, packaging, advertising, website design and other applications all work together toward a common goal of creating outstanding brand identity.

We believe in tight project management and a thorough design process. We believe in staying small. We keep it that way to eliminate the layers that arise in larger, more complex studios. Without the middle managers and high overhead of a large staff we keep our tight-knit group running efficiently and economically.

Our Team

Iron is a small agency with a core group of three designers. In addition to our eclectic mix of creative in-house individuals, we work with a stable of outside talent on a daily basis. The synergy of our group brings the right skills and depth of experience necessary to make each project successful. Whether it's naming, print design, advertising, web development, TV production, or a myriad of other creative tasks, Iron has the right team for any project. We're proud to highlight some of the outstanding people that are responsible for the projects in our portfolio.

Todd Edmonds, Creative Director & Founder

Todd has nearly 30 years of experience in the design industry, and has been internationally recognized by ID Magazine, the UK's Creative Review, the HOW Design Annual, the NY Type Directors Club, The American Institute of Graphic Arts, the regional Genesis Awards, Studio Magazine, The Communicator Awards, numerous design periodicals, and is a member of the Design Management Institute and the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Todd was graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 1986, and has been CEO and Creative Director of Iron Design since it's inception in the fall of 1993. Todd lives in Trumansburg, NY with his wife and children.

Kim White, Designer

Kim joined the Iron team in the summer of 2012. Her education and experience has helped her excel in brand development, systems design, and website interface design and development. She has managed projects and led the design process for many of our clients including, but not limited to, the Finger Lakes School of Massage, Cornell University, Marietta Corporation, and Rev: Ithaca Startup Works. She enjoys all facets of the graphic design world, and is always using social media to advance her skills and collect inspiration.

Ana Juan-Gomez, Designer

Ana Juan-Gomez graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando with a BFA in Graphic Design. She previously studied at the University of Salamanca in Spain, and at the University of Angers in France before that. Her academic background and previous work experience have given her the ability to strategize, develop, and implement designs through a variety of media. She takes special interest in brand identity, print design, and user interface design.

Ana joined the Iron team in August of 2016. She has traveled extensively and has been actively involved in design communities in both the US and in Europe. She believes that being fully immersed in other cultures helps her find new ways of approaching creative problem-solving. Some of Ana's passions include photography, foreign film, and languages.